What we work on at Texterous.

Strategy Assistant

Chatbot designed for continuous monitoring and analysis of company performances and updates in fields such as medicine. By automating the extraction and filtration of information from over a thousand frequently updated websites, this tool offers immediate, up-to-date insights, streamlining research and strategic planning processes for businesses.
Anonymous; operates in industries such as consulting, finance, and healthcare
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Healthcare Assistant

AI-driven tool designed to streamline communication between doctors and patients. By automating the generation of accurate, medically informed email and message responses, this tool significantly reduces the time healthcare professionals spend on administrative tasks. Each interaction enhances the system's learning, allowing for continual improvement and personalization.
Anonymous; operates within the healthcare industry, specifically targeting general practitioner infrastructure
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GenAI Media Workshop

Texterous conducted a workshop on Generative AI for Wiener Zeitung, focusing on practical applications and strategic integration to enhance their operations and content creation processes.
Wiener Zeitung
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Automated Podcast Synthesis

With support from Media Innovation Lab, WV Sound Audio Production, Wiener Zeitung and Happy House Media, we've crafted a system that combines the latest AI technologies with professional podcast studios for human quality control. The result? Authentic, effortless podcasts.
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Media Platform Revamp & GPTization

Texterous revamped a media startup's product by implementing AI and improving its system. We organized the project, upgraded features like an AI search engine, and improved mobile responsiveness fivefold. Our work included documenting a vast codebase and making the site GDPR compliant, all within tight deadlines.
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Job Data for Policy Development

Texterous delivered a comprehensive job market analysis tool, tailored to aggregate and refine data from numerous job posting websites across different regions and categories. By implementing a sophisticated duplicate removal algorithm, our system ensures the integrity and uniqueness of data, enabling clients to access accurate and actionable insights with ease. This solution streamlines job market tracking and supports informed decision-making with its advanced filtering capabilities and automated data collection processes.
Anonymous political organization
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Lesson Plan Generator

Managemind, in collaboration with Texterous, has developed an innovative digital assistant designed to simplify lesson planning for educators. By integrating a comprehensive database with a Large Language Model, the tool personalizes educational content and lesson plans based on class level, subject, and language. This adaptable solution not only streamlines the resource gathering process but also enhances educational outcomes by offering contextual didactic activities and insights.
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Legal Conversational AI

Texterous helps pioneering the field of accessible legal assistance with Amiga, their digital legal assistant. Leveraging Large Language Model and text classification technologies, Amiga offers a user-friendly, conversational interface that simplifies legal research for laypeople and non-profit organizations. By integrating local laws and court decisions, Gesetzefinden now provides a platform that ensures comprehensibility and accuracy, setting a new standard for legal aid.
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Subsidy Document Retrieval

Texterous developed a bespoke subsidy retrieval tool for a public sector client in the Netherlands, designed to streamline the subsidy search process and enhance proposal accuracy. By integrating Large Language Models with a vector-based database system, our solution provides instant access to relevant subsidies, simplifying grant applications and fostering alignment with subsidy requirements. This tool, designed for offline use and capable of self-hosting, represents our commitment to practical innovation and user-centric design.
Anonymous; Netherlands; Public Sector
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