Strategy Assistant

Chatbot designed for continuous monitoring and analysis of company performances and updates in fields such as medicine. By automating the extraction and filtration of information from over a thousand frequently updated websites, this tool offers immediate, up-to-date insights, streamlining research and strategic planning processes for businesses.

Strategy Assistant

Problem Statement:

Professionals and companies face the challenge of continuously monitoring an overwhelming number of sources to stay informed about industry trends, innovations, and competitors. The manual tracking of such a vast amount of information is time-consuming and often leads to outdated or incomplete knowledge bases.

Approach and Solution:

In response to this challenge, Texterous developed a specialized chatbot leveraging advanced AI technologies. This bot is programmed to understand and filter content from over a thousand regularly scraped websites, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date information. Users can apply customizable filters to refine search results and receive the most relevant data for their specific needs. This approach enables the construction of informed, timely responses and strategies.

Impact Achieved: The deployment of our Strategy and Consultation Assistant has revolutionized access to information, enabling users to remain consistently informed about the latest industry developments. The ability to set daily or weekly updates ensures that all data remains current, greatly enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

Internal Capabilities and Scope: Our project was brought to life by a dedicated team of two AI architects/engineers, ensuring a seamless integration and user experience.

Anonymous; operates in industries such as consulting, finance, and healthcare


We get asked this a lot

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What if my organization has no experience with artificial intelligence?

You bring the industry knowledge, we bring the AI expertise. Together, we identify automation use-cases. Texterous takes over strategy, development, training and deployment. In addition, our workshops are a great way for organizational learning in AI adoption.

How do you work?

Fantastic question! As AI projects tend to be exploratory in nature, we follow an agile philosophy: Working in iterative sprints resulting in testable outcomes every two weeks. This is how we make sure the project is aligned with your business goals.

Can't I just employ someone inhouse?

You can, in fact you should! Will that be sufficient to adopt to the depths and breadths in a rapidly changing AI environment? Likely not. We know it is hard finding the right people in the space of large language models right now. There are a lot of self-proclaimed "AI specialists" out there - that just jumped the ChatGPT wave in 2023. Our people have extensive professional and academic expertise in the field - in fact, we have been among the first 6000 people globally to get access to GPT-3 in 2020. If you are looking to develop your in-house AI team and need assistance in doing so, we offer a CIO as a Service.

Do I need training data?

Large language models have been pre-trained to understand human language. In most cases, no additional training data is needed. However, one or few examples afford "in-context learning" and if you happen to possess training data, we are happy to fine-tune our models to your use-cases.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! We are fully compliant with local AI and data protection requirements. Our server centers live within the European Union and your data is not shared with third countries.

Do you train your own models?

There are new models released every few weeks by major players like OpenAI, Mistral, Google, Meta, Aleph Alpha and others. We are using these models as they are released and - if necessary - fine-tune them to automate your business processes. However, many of those models are open-source and can be hosted on your own servers, if desired.