We’re serious about what we do in a fun way.

We are a multinational service company of AI enthusiasts who love to explore and build.
4 years
working on LLMs

Our core values

We strive for excellence and results in our work.


We are working in a fast-paced environment. We show a hands-on approach to work with strong passion for immediate value creation and goal alignment.

Long-term relationships

AI is here to stay - and we will continue to work with our talent, partners and clients in exploiting its potential.

Curiosity meets expertise

Our background is in academia. We understand the underlying technology deeply and curiously develop ourselves further.


We specialize in unique challenges. Every organization is different and there is no one-off solution to help everyone. We tailor best-practices to maximize personalized results.

Talent is our greatest asset.

Our team has experience from working at:

Markus Keiblinger

Managing Partner

Stefan Huber

AI Specialist

Dr. Michael Schrems

Industry Expert
Heavy Industries

Olivier Segers

AI Specialist

Alexander De Pauw

AI Specialist

Thomas Übellacker

Industry Expert

Roy Erzurumluoğlu

AI Specialist

Julian Ehrenbrandtner


William De Vena

AI Specialist

Eduard von Bothmer

ML Engineer

Tibor Vámos

Full-Stack Developer

Claudio Eugenio Castorina

ML Engineer

"Combining the Spirit of a Startup with the Expertise of Academics and the Execution of Consultants, we are your compass needle in the ocean of AI innovation."

Stefan Huber
Partner at Texterous

Get a feeling of our team

We are a remote-first flat-hierarchy team that enjoys working and growing together.

We get asked this a lot

Contact us for a free consultation for us to answer all your open questions.
What if my organization has no experience with artificial intelligence?

You bring the industry knowledge, we bring the AI expertise. Together, we identify automation use-cases. Texterous takes over strategy, development, training and deployment. In addition, our workshops are a great way for organizational learning in AI adoption.

How do you work?

Fantastic question! As AI projects tend to be exploratory in nature, we follow an agile philosophy: Working in iterative sprints resulting in testable outcomes every two weeks. This is how we make sure the project is aligned with your business goals.

Can't I just employ someone inhouse?

You can, in fact you should! Will that be sufficient to adopt to the depths and breadths in a rapidly changing AI environment? Likely not. We know it is hard finding the right people in the space of large language models right now. There are a lot of self-proclaimed "AI specialists" out there - that just jumped the ChatGPT wave in 2023. Our people have extensive professional and academic expertise in the field - in fact, we have been among the first 6000 people globally to get access to GPT-3 in 2020. If you are looking to develop your in-house AI team and need assistance in doing so, we offer a CIO as a Service.

Do I need training data?

Large language models have been pre-trained to understand human language. In most cases, no additional training data is needed. However, one or few examples afford "in-context learning" and if you happen to possess training data, we are happy to fine-tune our models to your use-cases.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! We are fully compliant with local AI and data protection requirements. Our server centers live within the European Union and your data is not shared with third countries.

Do you train your own models?

There are new models released every few weeks by major players like OpenAI, Mistral, Google, Meta, Aleph Alpha and others. We are using these models as they are released and - if necessary - fine-tune them to automate your business processes. However, many of those models are open-source and can be hosted on your own servers, if desired.