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Learn how large language models can transform your business processes.

LLMs for automating text-based processes.

Until very recently, building AI solutions required huge upfront investment in data collection and training. Latest foundation models (GPT-4, Mistral 7B, Gemini, ...) are pre-trained to understand human language. They show human-like affordances in text understanding, generation and reasoning - all without extensive training data.

Zero & few-shot

Large language models are pre-trained on extensive data, internalizing much of human knowledge, generalizability and affordances in working with text. Turns out, most business processes build on textual data. We help you be among the first to exploit these new opportunities and automate business processes.


Early foundation models have been trained on text only. Newer foundation models such as GPT-4 or Google Gemini have been trained to also understand visual or audio input, opening up many new application fields. Business processes that require reasoning on images are now automatable without extensive training data.

Fine-tuning & retrieval-augmented generation

Your organization and use-cases are special! Out-of-the-box models don't know about the particularities of your organization and industry. We help you fine-tune models or augment them with an information retrieval system, feeding them with information from your CRM, ERP, CMS and other company data sources.

Agents & chains

We are used to ChatGPT-like conversational interactions with language models. An agent architecture (model decides about which steps to perform to achieve a certain goal) opens up automation opportunities for complex, multistep processes with less human supervision. Chains, however, are predefined multi-step processes for model inference.

Conversational (Chat)

ChatGPT succeeded in mass adoption because people understood how to use it. Its interface is simply and users would interact with it in a similar manner as they would with humans - in natural language. Chatbots are a cheap and versatile mode for interfacing with the user. Texterous can help build industry-specific chatbots.


Our products integrate into your existing software infrastructure, including CRM, CMS or ERP systems, to both leverage company-internal data and automate workflows end-to-end.

Hosting & Deployment

Setup, launch, and maintenance of AI solutions. We ensure that your AI applications are efficiently deployed into your existing infrastructure or cloud and are securely hosted for optimal performance, caching, and scalability, allowing your business to leverage AI technologies without worrying about the technical complexities.

Monitoring, Evals & LLMOps

Our solutions are modularized and decoupled, such that we can change data layer, model layer or application layer as needed. We perform (automated) evaluations to select best-performing models and prompts (PromptOps) and continously monitor model output for traceability.


We implement best practices to meet legal and ethical standards and answer accountability, transparency and observability questions. Our framework helps your organization to properly assess and mitigate risks, align cultural values with AI usage, develop AI related organizational learning and draft organizational AI policies.
We pool talent and resources in AI. Our team has experience from working at:

Your in-house AI partner

By embedding a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer within your team, we provide expert guidance from project ideation to execution, ensuring that your AI initiatives align with business objectives and deliver tangible results. Our service includes creating a customized AI roadmap, proactive project management, conducting tailored workshops, and providing governance and compliance support. This approach accelerates implementation, fosters organizational learning, and ensures ethical AI practices, positioning your company at the forefront of AI-driven innovation.

CAIO as a Service

- AI leadership: Dedicated AI expertise and proactive AI project management from within the organization
- Roadmap development: Discovery, coordination, and monitoring of internal AI projects
- Workshops: Monthly personalized AI workshop to develop organizational learning

We get asked this a lot

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What if my organization has no experience with artificial intelligence?

You bring the industry knowledge, we bring the AI expertise. Together, we identify automation use-cases. Texterous takes over strategy, development, training and deployment. In addition, our workshops are a great way for organizational learning in AI adoption.

How do you work?

Fantastic question! As AI projects tend to be exploratory in nature, we follow an agile philosophy: Working in iterative sprints resulting in testable outcomes every two weeks. This is how we make sure the project is aligned with your business goals.

Can't I just employ someone inhouse?

You can, in fact you should! Will that be sufficient to adopt to the depths and breadths in a rapidly changing AI environment? Likely not. We know it is hard finding the right people in the space of large language models right now. There are a lot of self-proclaimed "AI specialists" out there - that just jumped the ChatGPT wave in 2023. Our people have extensive professional and academic expertise in the field - in fact, we have been among the first 6000 people globally to get access to GPT-3 in 2020. If you are looking to develop your in-house AI team and need assistance in doing so, we offer a CIO as a Service.

Do I need training data?

Large language models have been pre-trained to understand human language. In most cases, no additional training data is needed. However, one or few examples afford "in-context learning" and if you happen to possess training data, we are happy to fine-tune our models to your use-cases.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! We are fully compliant with local AI and data protection requirements. Our server centers live within the European Union and your data is not shared with third countries.

Do you train your own models?

There are new models released every few weeks by major players like OpenAI, Mistral, Google, Meta, Aleph Alpha and others. We are using these models as they are released and - if necessary - fine-tune them to automate your business processes. However, many of those models are open-source and can be hosted on your own servers, if desired.

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