Our Approach

Artificial Intelligence transforms many industries on a variety of levels rapidly. We believe the best strategy for companies is building highly flexible, adaptable processes rather than optimised, static ones and focus on developing & retaining talent.

Custom Software Development

Texterous' software development products specialize in creating custom AI solutions, with a particular emphasis on Large Language Models. Our team works closely with clients to design, develop, and deploy AI applications tailored to their unique challenges and objectives. From concept to execution, we ensure our AI solutions are practical, scalable, and aligned with your business needs, transforming the way you work with cutting-edge technology.

Implementation Sprint

Intensive program designed to rapidly deploy and integrate AI solutions within your organization. Teams will collaborate closely with Texterous experts to translate identified AI use-cases into real-world applications, ensuring seamless integration and immediate value. This sprint focuses on achieving quick wins, fostering team collaboration, and building a solid foundation for ongoing AI-driven transformation.
4 Weeks

Hosting & Deployment

Setup, launch, and maintenance of AI solutions. This service ensures that your AI applications are efficiently deployed into your existing infrastructure or cloud and are securely hosted for optimal performance and scalability, allowing your business to leverage AI technologies without worrying about the technical complexities.

Custom AI Assistants

The real power of AI assistants emerges from integrating them with other software and allowing them to execute tasks rather than just answering questions. They can enter and manipulate data in other systems, collect and combine data from multiple sources, create documents or invoices and thereby take over a wide range of tasks. Our services range from developing custom assistants within your system landscape to automate specific technical processes, build connectors to other systems, design interfaces and map whole new processes.

AI for Production Planning

Production planning is a repetitive, tedious process. Classical AI provides a range of tools for automating the allocation planning of which products are produced when. With our combination of traditional techniques for production planning with modern language models, we provide interactive AI assistants that plan optimised production schedules while flexibly taking in requirements and ideas expressed in natural language by the users.

AI capabilities for existing Software

Many existing software sytems rely on humans to perform primitive, repetitive tasks. With language models, many of those tasks can now be automated. We integrate AI capabilities in your proprietary software systems and thereby completely revamp the associated work processes. This service is particularly targeted for consulting firms & software companies.


Our Strategy products guide businesses through the intricate landscape of AI implementation, particularly focusing on Large Language Models (LLMs). We offer comprehensive planning services that align AI capabilities with your business goals, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into your strategic vision. Our approach is designed to maximize the impact of AI on your operations, driving growth and innovation.

AI Pulse

Comprehensive update on the latest trends, breakthroughs, and insights in the field of artificial intelligence. This digest is designed to keep your team informed and ahead of the curve in AI developments, ensuring that your business can leverage cutting-edge technologies and strategies effectively.

Exploration Sprint

Four-week immersive program designed to unlock the AI potential within your organization. Through a structured approach, we assess your operations, identify AI opportunities, sketch out solutions, and develop a tailored AI implementation roadmap. This strategic product is your fast track to adopting AI and driving competitive advantage.
4 weeks

CIO as a Service

Strategic offering designed to fast-track AI adoption within your organization. By embedding a seasoned AI specialist from our team directly into your company, we provide tailored guidance on integrating advanced AI and large language models into your business processes. Our service encompasses strategic planning, custom AI solution development, staff training, performance optimization, and risk management.

Adoption & Workshops

A new AI tool nobody uses does not create any value. A core problem many of our clients face once they start rolling out their first AI systems is adoption. New tools come with learning curves and employees do not change their routines from one day to another. Our adoption products help your employees to adapt new tools, harness the benefits AI promises and ensure that projects do not land on the shelf as failed attepts. Workshops provided by Texterous empower organizations to adapt to new technologies, enhance their capabilities and streamlining operations. Our sessions are designed to demystify complex concepts, ensuring participants leave with practical skills and actionable strategies. Engage with our expert-led workshops to drive innovation and foster a culture of continuous learning within your team.

GenAI Introduction Workshop

This workshop covers the basics of large language models, their history, development, and applications in the industry. Participants will gain an understanding of how these models work and explore various industry-specific use cases.

Use-Case Identification

Concise workshop designed to help participants discover and evaluate how AI can optimize their business processes. Attendees will learn to identify potential AI applications, assess their impact, and prioritize them according to their business objectives.

Scaling LLMs for Enterprise Solutions

Learn about the challenges and strategies for scaling large language models to meet enterprise demands. The workshop covers infrastructure, performance optimization, and scalability best practices.

Ethical Considerations and Limitations in LLMs

This workshop addresses ethical concerns, potential biases in large language models, and strategies for mitigating these issues. Participants will engage in discussions and problem-solving activities.

Inhouse Capability

It becomes increasingly clear that AI is becoming important enough that organisations cannot exclusively rely on external service firms for their AI adoption but need to develop inhouse capabilities. This means organisations want to hire professionals specialised in AI, train young employees on their usecases, upskill the inhouse IT teams and orgnisationally restructure to spread AI capacity across operartions. We provide required training, have a large talent pool with AI graduates from Dutch and British top universities and the organisation building expertise to build the teams your company needs

AI promoter teams

AI capabilities and options are developing rapidly and it is inefficient to keep everyone constantly up to date. Every company has some individuals across teams that are more excited about AI than others. Appointing some of them to be “AI promoters” or "AI trainers" in their respective teams and departments has proven an effective way to rapidly disseminate new ideas and opportunities within the company, reach people where they are and provide them with a reference person. We provide those promoters training, regular newsfeeds and project support and thereby have partners that help organisations with the adoption of our solutions.

We get asked this a lot

Contact us for a free consultation for us to answer all your open questions.
What if my organization has no experience with artificial intelligence?

You bring the industry knowledge, we bring the AI expertise. Together, we identify automation use-cases. Texterous takes over strategy, development, training and deployment. In addition, our workshops are a great way for organizational learning in AI adoption.

How do you work?

Fantastic question! As AI projects tend to be exploratory in nature, we follow an agile philosophy: Working in iterative sprints resulting in testable outcomes every two weeks. This is how we make sure the project is aligned with your business goals.

Can't I just employ someone inhouse?

You can, in fact you should! Will that be sufficient to adopt to the depths and breadths in a rapidly changing AI environment? Likely not. We know it is hard finding the right people in the space of large language models right now. There are a lot of self-proclaimed "AI specialists" out there - that just jumped the ChatGPT wave in 2023. Our people have extensive professional and academic expertise in the field - in fact, we have been among the first 6000 people globally to get access to GPT-3 in 2020. If you are looking to develop your in-house AI team and need assistance in doing so, we offer a CIO as a Service.

Do I need training data?

Large language models have been pre-trained to understand human language. In most cases, no additional training data is needed. However, one or few examples afford "in-context learning" and if you happen to possess training data, we are happy to fine-tune our models to your use-cases.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! We are fully compliant with local AI and data protection requirements. Our server centers live within the European Union and your data is not shared with third countries.

Do you train your own models?

There are new models released every few weeks by major players like OpenAI, Mistral, Google, Meta, Aleph Alpha and others. We are using these models as they are released and - if necessary - fine-tune them to automate your business processes. However, many of those models are open-source and can be hosted on your own servers, if desired.