Meet Cora, your Personal Datalake

Virtual AI assistants are developing rapidly. By selectively feeding the right data to your virtual assistants you secure a competitive edge in tomorrow’s evolving tech landscape. Large corporations are collecting your data en masse, reclaim the control of your own data.

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AI assistants start having memory and millions of tokens context windows. With Cora, I collect and organise everything about my life so my next AI assistant can serve me perfectly, knowing everything about my life I want it to know.

Stefan Huber

AI Researcher

Google and other big tech collects your data to show you relevant ads. What if you collected even more comprehensive data yourself to make your personal assistants more helpful?

Thomas Übellacker

Software Engineer

We believe in strong AI. You, human, should be prepared, too.

Already today, organizations collect data across departments, so they can train ChatGPT-like models to be most helpful for their tasks. You should start too, for your personal life. A future AI assistant will only be as helpful as it is able to understand your context.

  • Collect messenger chats to provide future AI systems with context about your interpersonal relationships.

  • Add your browsing history. Contains detailed information about what you are thinking all day and what you are working on every day.

  • Connect your diary, calendar, bank statements, and other sources of truth, that add context about your life.

Some AI take-off scenarios you want to be prepared for.

As with any technological advancements, it is difficult to predict where the journey is going. However, as AI researchers, we are hyped about papers such as Google's 'Infini-Attention' and want to be prepared as soon as new capabilities emerge.

Slow take-off

LLMs improve incrementally. Context-windows go up to few million tokens. You want to use your personal context to draft effective system messages and fine-tune GPT-4-turbo-like language models to be helpful and understand your context.

How we can help you

Balanced take-off

We achieve cheap, efficient and fast language models with hundreds of millions of tokens context windows in the next few years. Assistants, more intelligent than most humans, are embedded across most software platforms and your computer is overall much more interactive. Using collected data about your context. You want to be prepared.

How we can help you

Fast take-off

Agentic AI Assistants that can do 90%+ of human work become available within the next decade. They will be more intelligent than any human being in most aspects and are embedded everywhere. They completely revolutionise how our economy and society work. We cannot predict what how the world would develop from there, but having control over extensive data about yourself seems really valueable.

How we can help you


How do you want to prepare for AI take-off?

Cora Necessities

Cora Advanced
€16,99/month or €129 life-long

Future-proof preparation and storage of your personal contextual data
Future-proof preparation and storage of your personal contextual data
Easy data import from all sources (messengers, calendar, browsing history, ...)
Easy data import from all sources (messengers, calendar, browsing history, ...)
Detailed instructions on what data to collect and how to collect
Detailed instructions on what data to collect and how to collect
10 GB data lake
50 GB data lake
No advanced diary featue
Diary feature (developed with AI researchers to collect most vital daily information about your immediate context)
No conversational AI on your data
Advanced conversational AI on your data
No vector embeddings
Vector embeddings included

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